Hennepin County Medical Center Volunteer Program

Apr 08

Blogging is not my forte’!


I always think in the back of my mind…”today’s the day…I won’t forget to blog”.  You can see where that has gotten me:(

Nonetheless…Volunteer Appreciation Week is coming up!  April 15-19, 2013.  We are having a week full of special treats to THANK YOU for all that you do here at HCMC to enhance the Patient and Family Experience.  We want our patients to always feel safe and validated…

Thank you for all that you do and look for more information to follow! 

Sep 21

Long time…no BLOG!!

I am sorry that I have been “offline”.  Summer got away from me with my family at home (4 kids and Summer make for craziness) and then my family here at HCMC…it grew by a lot this past summer!  It was great…just busy!!  I hope you all have had the chance to hear me say that “I have the best job in the world”.  I feel very blessed to work with all of the volunteers here at the hospital.  You all come for various reasons, but you have heart!  That’s what this about…the giving of your time and talent and recognizing what that means-

A volunteer recently filled out a “Blog Form” that was here in the office and here is what she had to say:

"It’s an experience that exposes us volunteers to many cultures!  It’s rewarding to know that you’ve contributed to help someone thru what could be a difficult time in their journey of life:"

Well said!

THANKS for all you do here at HCMC!

If anyone has interest in volunteering here in the Volunteer Services, just let me know!  I could use some help!

Mar 06

“Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” — Mother Theresa

Spring is here????

What a day…So I heard!  The weather has been unreal this winter.  We still have the chance for that ultra monster snow storm.  We get one every year in March, right?  Things are super busy here in the Volunteer Services.  It is always so much fun and can be funny at times too!  We hope you find coming here as much fun and rewarding as we do.  

We have many things happening here in the Volunteer Services office.  We are getting a face lift!  For those of you that are wondering why we look a little bare, it’s because the painters will be here soon.  Pardon the “mess” while we spruce the place up!  I think it will look great.  I am doing the same thing at home…so seems very natural to me!  We just launched our online application process!  It’s very exciting and it’s amazing…31 applications already and we just started.  Tell your friends, family and teens in particular because we are gearing up for the Summer Volunteer Season!  As usual, you guys rock…I think about what a great group of people that I am so lucky to be associated with.  Thanks for all that you do!  If you have the chance to stop by and say “hi” when you are here, please do.  If you have suggestions for ways that we can improve…please let me know.  The only way you learn is by asking how you could do things differently or better!

Feb 07

New Program…

I have a challenge for you…The Volunteer Office and Hennepin County Medical Center is starting to highlight a “Volunteer of the Month”!!  You guys will all be recognized…so here’s the challenge, don’t be shy, please stop by my office, get your picture taken and look for the unveiling!  Hennepin is posting on Facebook as well…with your approval of course.  It won’t be done unless you say it’s o.k.

Our first recipient is Dennis Lawshe.  He did get posted to Facebook!  Way to go Dennis…thanks for all you do!

If you see Dennis…please congratulate him!!

Hey Volunteers!

We are busy, busy here in the Volunteer Services Office at HCMC…we so appreciate all that you do to help…if we don’t stop to tell you that often…then we aren’t doing our job as well as we could be!  I am truly amazed everyday by the people who volunteer here at Hennepin…they have some huge hearts…that’s the best part of my job… the human element.  I hope you all know how great it is to see pass through the office, to look at my reports and see the numbers that we have.  YOU are what makes it happen here…so THANK-YOU:)

Dec 19

More in the Holiday Spirit!

December 19, 2011

We had the Girls Basketball Team from The Breck School stop by today and do some caroling up in the pediatric unit.  They had fun and we so appreicated the holiday cheer!  The girls came with their assistant coach, Emily Neal.  They also brought 60 home made holiday cards that our Roving Holiday Cart will be passing out on Christmas Day!

Thanks Girls!!  Lookin’ good!

In the Holiday Spirit…

We had a great holiday lunch “week” here in the Volunteer Services office!  Paula planned and executed a fantstic each day…many volunteers stopped as well as some staff…so thank you!!

Dec 07

“Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.” — Anonymous